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Thanking Susan Gallucci for 15 years of service at The Northwest Center!

"Susan was created to help the world be a better place. She is dedicated to her job and has a gift to approach each unique situation. Susan has influenced many women to be a better version of themselves. I am one of those women." - Sky, a former maternity home resident

Photo by Renata Grzan Wieczorek/

In 2006, The Northwest Center hired Susan Gallucci, LICSW, as Director of the Maternity Home Program. Now serving as the organization's Executive Director, Susan first became familiar with NWC and its mission when she volunteered as an undergraduate at Georgetown University. In her fifteen years of service at the helm of NWC, Susan has accompanied thousands of women and babies, offering support and encouragement throughout their pregnancies and beyond.

The families NWC serves know that to have Susan in your corner is to have an invaluable resource for life.

Many former residents of the maternity home still reach out to her for advice, support, and even childcare. It's not an uncommon sight to see Susan juggling her duties as Executive Director while a small huddle of children play around her office.

In 2016, Susan was named the Catholic Social Worker of the Year by the Catholic Social Workers' National Association. Throughout her career, and despite the challenging situations and obstacles that social work brings, Susan has always found joy in accompanying mothers:

"Walking alongside women – providing support, encouragement, guidance – has allowed me to watch the moms grow in every area of their lives. Being a part of a child’s life from before she is born and watching her (sometimes being present at the birth) grow, achieve developmental milestones and being a member of the village which supports her mother as she transitions to this new role, is truly a gift."

A former resident and her children visited the maternity home to go trick-or-treating with Susan.
A former resident and her children visited the maternity home to go trick-or-treating with Susan.

Thank you for your tremendous service, Susan and for the past 15 years (and hopefully many more!) of your compassion and commitment to upholding the dignity of mothers and babies!

Headshot of Susan Gallucci by Renata Grzan Wieczorek/